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Headquartered in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, inTEST operates two business segments with manufacturing in four U.S. locations and sales and service in seven countries.


Ambrell provides induction heating systems for thermal processing of metals used in industrial manufacturing. Engineered systems deliver from 1 to 500 kW of power to generate a specified temperature at a required penetration depth. They provide the precise heating needed to anneal, bond, braze, cure, forge, harden, melt, seal, shrink fit, or solder conductive materials.

inTEST Thermal Solutions provides thermal environments through a variety of methods to meet customer requirements for thermal conditioning, whether it be extreme temperatures or very fast movement of temperature. These conduction and convection systems – thermal chambers, plates, forcing systems, for example, can deliver temperatures from -185 to +500ºC. Additionally, iTS provides gas and fluid chiller systems for precise heating and cooling to maintain the temperature of a test or manufacturing process.

inTEST EMS Products makes effective testing of semiconductors possible for manufacturers and end users of automated test equipment (ATE). Providing the necessary equipment to complete an automated test cell, manipulator systems and secure docking systems handling test heads up to 1,100 pounds (500 kg), and signal interfacing units are designed for all major brands of testers and peripheral equipment.



Founded in 1981, inTEST served the semiconductor industry with manipulator and docking systems to support ATE production test equipment at end users and OEMs. As the success of its engineered solutions grew the company established operations in Asia, quickly followed by a subsidiary in Europe. 

In 1997, inTEST joined the ranks of public companies with an initial public offering, ticker symbol INTT (NYSE). With this additional capital, inTEST expanded its presence in supporting production test with tester interface products by acquiring TestDesign in 1998.

With a strategy to broaden the company's semiconductor business to include thermal systems for electronics test, inTEST acquired Temptronic Corporation in 2000 and created the ThermoStream brand of temperature forcing systems known throughout the world today for characterizing ICs and devices.

In the mid-2000s, inTEST executed a strategy to expand the reach of thermal products outside of the semiconductor industry, resulting most notably as the leading supplier to optical transceiver production test customers. Continuation of the thermal strategy to handle conditioning of larger devices, inTEST acquired Sigma Systems, thermal chamber and plate products in 2008. This permitted the company to deliver thermal using conduction and convection for larger test articles such as electronic modules, subassemblies, and PCBs, used extensively in automotive, aerospace, defense, and industrial applications. The company has been expanding thermal electronics test ever since.

As the strategy for thermal evolved, inTEST looked to develop business in the industrial arena. That challenge was met most recently with the acquisition of Ambrell Corporation, a manufacturer of induction heating systems used in a myriad of industrial processes.

Today, customers worldwide rely on inTEST engineered products to provide custom and standard solutions for their product development, production, testing, and quality requirements.

1981: inTEST Founded
1997: Initial public offering INTT
1998: Acquired TestDesign – Electrical products
2000: Acquired Temptronic – Thermal products
2002: Acquired Intelogic – Mechanical products
2005: Diversification into non-Semi markets – Thermal products
2008: Acquired Sigma Systems – Thermal products
2011: Formed inTEST Thermal Solutions – Combined locations for Sigma Systems and Temptronic
2012: Acquired Thermonics – Thermal products
2016: Formed inTEST EMS Products division: Combined electrical and mechanical products for semiconductor test
2017: Acquired Ambrell – Thermal products