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Docking Products Overview

inTEST's docking systems are designed to control the electrical and mechanical interface between two pieces of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). This robust hardware gives you a quick, easy, and safe changeover of ATE test heads to wafer probers or package handlers. In addition to improving your test floor efficiency, inTEST docking hardware also reduces your test cost, by:
  • Improving utilization and increasing the flexibility of your ATE with our Plug Compatible™ technology.

  • Improving accuracy and integrity of your test results.

  • Reducing your ATE maintenance costs, by protecting delicate test interface components.

Improve Your Tester Utilization
  • Unique features make docking and undocking faster and more efficient.

  • Repeatability of test set-up improves the accuracy and integrity of your test results.

  • Rugged design and materials reduce downtime for maintenance and repair.

  • When you need additional units of a docking design, inTEST gives you exact duplicates. With inTEST, the docking you want is exactly the docking you’ll get, today and tomorrow.

  • inTEST products provide you with the industry’s best customer service and support, around the world.

Docking System Components

inTEST's docking systems consist of two principal assemblies and several support assemblies. The two principal assemblies are the docking assembly and the docking gusset assembly.

These are shown below:

Typical 4-point docking assembly for ATE test heads.  
Typical 4-point docking gusset assembly for handlers and probers.  

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