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The Aero 650 Pneumatic Manipulator

The Aero 650 Manipulator for the Teradyne UltraFLEX Test System

The manipulator you choose will have a significant effect on:

  • Equipment Availability
  • Range of Test Capability, Today and Tomorrow
  • Test Floor Personnel Safety
  • Equipment Protection

inTEST’s Aero 650 Pneumatic Manipulator is a state-of-the-art positioning system designed to smoothly and efficiently give you a full range of test head motions for fast testing and maximum throughput.  The Aero 650 can speed-up your testing, make docking easier and faster, and even help you realize significant cost savings.
The Aero 650 is a universal pneumatic manipulator for test systems up to 650KG (1,430 Lb.) and is ideal for test systems from Teradyne (microFLEX, FLEX, and UltraFLEX), Credence (Sapphire), and Verigy (93000).


Aero 650 for Teradyne UltraFLEX
Linear Motions and Smooth Compliance
Compact and Lightweight
Download Product Data Sheets for the Aero 650
Aero 650 for the Teradyne microFLEX

Aero 650 for the Teradyne UltraFLEX

Faster Test Set-Ups

  • No wasted time loading or unloading cumbersome counterweights:
    • faster test set-ups
    • faster maintenance
  • If test head weight changes, simply adjust the balance regulator in seconds.
  • Smooth motion and lower compliance forces for faster, easier docking.

Independent Linear Motions

  • Minimize uncontrolled test head motion during set-up.
  • Eliminate cable-pull effects.
  • Recommended for large, heavy test heads.
  • Recommended when there are extensive pushes/pulls of cables during head movement.

Equipment Protection with the Power-Assisted Sliding Base:
The Easy Way to Dock

  • Ideal for moving test head into and away from handlers.
  • Power assist provides smooth, controlled, linear motion.
  • Power assist available for entire 500mm of base travel.
  • Helps protect fragile contactor and load board assemblies.
  • Significantly more protection than articulated-arm designs.


Floor plan drawings and application specific customization is always available at inTEST.  Contact us today for more information on this exciting new manipulator!

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