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The Aero 450H Pneumatic Manipulator

The Aero 450H Manipulator for the Teradyne microFLEX Test System
The low cost Aero 450H gives you the speed and convenience of pneumatic power for the Teradyne microFLEX. Ideal for use with all pick and place handlers, or hand testing operations, the Aero 450H features an intuitive power control system, for smooth, repeatable vertical motion of the test head.  A unique handler alignment system assures quick changeovers and easy docking to pick and place handlers.

The Aero 450H is TUV certified. Click on the TUV logo to view the certificates


Aero 450H Manipulator
Pneumatic Control System
Compact and Lightweight
Download Product Data Sheets for the Aero 450H

Safety and Power in a Compact Package
Vertical motion is controlled with our new Power-Slide™ controller. Simply lift up or push down on control handle to move
test head up/down. Lift speed is proportional to force applied, providing variable test head speed. Each pneumatic cylinder
has a safety brake, which can be activated by a toggle switch. The brakes are automatically engaged if air pressure is lost,
preventing any uncontrolled motion.

State-of-the-Art Pneumatic Power

Unique patent-pending control system detects if the test head becomes imbalanced.  Easy-to-read indicator quickly tells operator
if the test head is imbalanced, and indicates whether the operator needs to increase or decrease the pressure to rebalance.
Controls prevent the test head from being unlocked if test head becomes imbalanced, preventing any uncontrolled motion.

Quick Alignment to Pick and Place Handlers
Proprietary alignment fixture allows the test head to be quickly wheeled into position and aligned for docking.

Easy-Center Compliance
The test head frame rests on four ball transfer units which provide the compliance motion for in/out, side/side,
and theta.  These motions can be locked and centered with the flip of a switch, ensuring that the full range of
compliance is available when the system is ready to dock.

Compact Size
Shorter overall height and a small footprint help you get maximum productivity from expensive test floor real estate.


Floor plan drawings and application specific customization is always available at inTEST.  Contact us today for more information on this exciting new manipulator!

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