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in2 Series Manipulators For Smaller Test Heads

in2 Manual Manipulator.  
in2 Manual Manipulator Integrated with 19" Rack Mount Cabinet.  

Semiconductor manufacturers have depended on our in2 Series of test head manipulators for over 20 years.

The in2 Series uses patented inTEST technology to create a reliable, universal platform for your smaller test heads.

The Perfect Size for Your Smaller Test Heads

The stand alone in2 design has been scaled into three product groups, based on the load that needs to be supported. The column size (6", 8", 12") reflects the width of the I-Beam used in the design of the manipulator column.
  • 6" Column.
    This manipulator family handles small test heads up to 68 kilograms (150 pounds).

  • 8" Column.
    This manipulator family handles small test heads in the range of 68 – 160 kilograms (150 to 350 pounds).

  • 12" Column.
    This manipulator family handles small test heads in the range of 160 – 430 kilograms (350 to 950 pounds).

Big Performance

All in2 manipulators share attributes that make them unique in their flexibility and outstanding functionality.
  • Safety.
    The safety of your operators and your test equipment is important to us, too. That’s why most inTEST manipulator designs feature a 5X structural safety factor (compared to the typical 3X factor of competitive units).

  • Flexible Application.
    inTEST manipulators are designed to allow a single test head to be docked to multiple pieces of peripheral equipment (test handlers and probers). That makes your test floor run faster and more efficiently.

  • Ease of Use for Your Operator.
    Because inTEST manipulators are designed to hold your test head in a perfectly balanced state, the force required by your operator to move and rotate the test head in any combination of all three axes (six degrees of motion freedom) is no more than 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of force.

  • Dependable, Repeatable Docking.
    An inTEST manipulator, combined with inTEST docking components, allows an operator to quickly and repeatedly interface and de-interface test heads to your handlers and probers, while protecting the delicate electrical interface components.

  • Cable Protection.
    All inTEST manipulators and cable management systems minimize stress on your test system’s cables while still allowing the test head to be docked to a variety of handlers and probers. Our in2 Series inTEST Universal Test Head Manipulators offer five different cable support designs.

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