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Cobal Family Manipulators
Cobal 200– for test systems less than 200KG (441Lb.)
Cobal 350– for test systems up to 350KG (770Lb.)
Cobal 450– for test systems up to 550KG (1210Lb.)
Cobal 750– for test systems up to 750KG (1650Lb.)

Cobal Series Animation (click here)


The New Cobal Series of Manipulators from inTEST brings counterbalanced convenience at a competitive price!  Designed to deliver best-in-class performance regardless of test system size, the Cobal series delivers cost-effective, compliant motions to improve tester utilization and increase productivity on busy test floors.

The Cobal 750

The Cobal family of manipulators is designed to provide a manipulator that is sized correctly for your test system. Current available sizes are the Cobal 750, 450 and 350. The Cobal 200 will be available soon.

Cobal Advantages:


  • All Cobal family manipulators provide the user with the best range of motion based on direct comparisons to competitive units.
  • This allows the user the most flexibility in docking to the widest range of peripheral equipment.


  • All manipulators can provide the basic long, inaccurate motions to roughly position the test head before docking.
  • Short, low force “compliance” motions are needed to accurately position the test head so that the docking can be smoothly and easily engaged. 

Active cable management System

  • The Cable management system follows the test head motion at ½ speed and ½ travel.
  • This provides the most gentle and secure cable handling in the industry.

Modular Design for Flexability

Available Options for the Cobal Family:

  • Powered Vertical, In – Out, Twist and Tumble motions.
  • Extended travel linear sliding base. Up to 1120 mm of travel available.
  • Tumble or non – tumble configuration.
  • Left hand or right hand swing configuration’s available.
  • Active Cable management.


All COBAL manipulators are compatible with inTEST designed docking and test interface hardware for perfect MDI (Manipulator, Docking, Interface) integration.

The Cobal 450

The Cobal 350


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