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inTEST EMS Products Division Test Interfaces

Boost Your Yield With Better Interfaces – And A Better Interface Company
inTEST interfaces are designed to deliver higher yield than competitive interfaces... And this is why:
  • Engineering Excellence.
    inTEST interfaces avoid “lossy” plastics and other components that compromise performance. Our special materials and state-of-the-art design give you wider bandwidths, lower cross-talk, and tightly controlled impedance. The result? Fast-rise-time pulses with significantly better signal integrity.

  • Deep Customizing™.
    inTEST interfaces combine the reliability of selected standardized design elements with an extensive program of deep customization, precisely matching interface performance not only to the requirements of your test, but also to the environment in which your test will be conducted.

  • Rugged Dependability.
    Our interfaces are designed and manufactured to be more durable than competitors’ units. They last longer, so your test floor stays up and running.

An Interface You Can Trust

We design and manufacture all our test interfaces at the Fremont, CA facility. We’ve installed a Class 10,000 clean room environment that is cleaner than those of our competitors – in fact, it is comparable to that of most semiconductor test floors. But we do more than that to earn your trust.

Unlike other manufacturers, we characterize the interface’s signal path, using VNA (Vector Network Analysis) for cross-talk and bandwidth, and TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) for impedance, so we’re sure we’ve met the parameters of your design requirement.

In fact, we guarantee it.

If an inTEST interface does not meet the specified project parameters for bandwidth and impedance, we will redesign it for you. Free.

A Company You Want to Work With

When you get an inTEST interface, you’re getting industry-leading electrical and mechanical performance to meet your most demanding yield targets. But even world-class interface design and superb engineering aren’t enough.

You need an expertly designed company, too. A company that delivers the interface fast. A company that has it working for you right out of the box. A company that delivers another one as soon as you need it, exactly like the first. A company that designs new interfaces for your new products faster — and more efficiently — than anyone else in the business.

That company is inTEST.

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