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Teradyne J750            < back to Direct Dock Wafer Probing Interfaces
  Eagle ETS-364 Test Head Adapter
  Teradyne Catalyst Tower
  Credence ASL3000
  Teradyne J750

This shows the fully populated 1024 pin test interface for the J750.  
Pin detail and mounting flange on the J750 tower.

It is fully compatible with existing probe interface boards (PIBs) and probe cards, and is well suited for high-speed multi-DUT applications where electrical cross talk is of critical concern.

The PPR’s modular design groups the contacts into 8 removable pin segments, each segment containing 128 high-speed 50-ohm contacts. Each of these high-speed contacts has its own adjacent return contact (common ground), which reduces simultaneous switching noise. Device power supplies and other functions are routed through the utility contacts. There are 102 of these utility contacts per segment, and each contact can handle 3 amperes.


Fully populated, the PPR has 1,024 high-speed channel paths and 816 utility contacts, but, if you prefer, you can configure it with only enough segments to support your target tester configuration. Spring blocks are available for any unused segment positions, to balance the forces on the probe card.

The 8.47”-diameter applications area on the probe/DUT card can accommodate multi-DUT handler and probe patterns. A separate compression ring assembly allows for program debug or hardware development free of the peripheral (prober or handler). The compression ring works directly over the pin field without infringing on the applications area. And you won’t need special frame or mounting hardware for the probe/DUT cards.

  General Specifications    
  Tester: Teradyne Integra J750 (compatible with existing PCB designs)  
  Applications Type: Multi-site packaged device and wafer test  
  Contact Summary*: 1,024 50-ohm high-speed I/O pins, with staked ground pins that provide a common ground plane for each segment. 816 utility or DPS contacts  
  Probe/DUT Card Size: Outside diameter: 12.0”, with 8.47”-diameter applications area  
  Tower Height: 1.660” when probes are compressed to working height  
  Digital Bandwidth: 6.5 GHz @ -0.6dB typical  
  Impedance: 50 ohm +/- 5 ohm typical  

* Other ground configurations are available, contact factory for details.

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