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Credence ASL3000            < back to Direct Dock Wafer Probing Interfaces
  Eagle ETS-364 Test Head Adapter
  Teradyne Catalyst Tower
  Credence ASL3000
  Teradyne J750

This pin compatible tower for the Credence ASL3000 is shown open and ready to load the probe card.

This shows the tower in the locked position, with the PIB and test head guide pins clearly visible.

Detail of the vertical hinge mechanism and precision alignment features.

inTEST has developed a pin-compatible test interface for the Credence ASL3000 test system.

This top loading, modular, 11-segment design matches the pin pattern on the ASL3000 test head, allowing you to put the interface into test quickly, without any special hardware.

Each signal module provides 108 pins. Together, the 11 modules provide 1,188 user-defined pins to the probe card.

Reduce Your Costs
The unique stainless steel probe card tray alleviates the need for an additional probe card stiffener frame, reducing your probe card costs and headaches. Probe card diameter is 11”, providing ample space for components on the probe card.

Adapts Easily to All Probers
The tower is designed for easy versatility, with adapter rings available for Electroglas, Accretech, and TEL probe stations.

Hand Test Applications, Too!
The tower can be used with the optional hand test locking ring. This lets you mount the tower directly on the ASL3000 test head. You can perform hand test and debug operations using the same signal path that that you use at wafer test.

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