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Cabled Wafer Probing Interfaces
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Connect your rack-mount ATE to a wafer prober easily and reliably with an inTEST cabled wafer probing interface.  
Custom cable assemblies bring all your test signals to the probe card.

When you find that a direct dock test set is not practical or required, an inTEST cabled wafer probing interface is the ideal solution.

Our cabled interface brings all of the ATE resources to the probe card through a variety of cable assembly types.


An important benefit of a cabled interface is that it creates a universal connector set which you can easily adapt to different test systems and configurations. This way, different types of test equipment can use a common cabled interface to the wafer prober. And that can produce a major improvement flexibility and efficiency on your test floor.

Additionally, cabled test sets are usually quicker to changeover, when compared to a direct dock probing test set, simply because the docking process is eliminated.

inTEST cable assemblies incorporate robust strain relief features, and reliable Mil-Spec connectors that provide a dependable, long lasting interconnect system. Cable lengths are typically 48"-60". Our test interfaces can be adapted for both top and bottom loading probe card changeovers.

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