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  New Centaur SOC 440
  Components of the Centaur Modular Interface
  Centaur Top Loading Applications and Configurations
        Transpar Modules Overview | Transpar Modules Descriptions & Applications | Transpar Modules Specifications
  Centaur Bottom Loading Universal SOC Interface
        Example Applications of the Centaur SOC interface | Transpar Power and Signal Module Specifications
  Centaur Cabled Wafer Probing Interface


  Electrical Parameter Type A and A/U Type C and C/U
  Inductance, L (nanohenries)
  Capacitance, C (picofarads)
  Characteristic Impedance, Z0 (ohms)
  Bandwidth, S21 (gigahertz)
  50 +5%
  >18 (-1.5dB)
  50 +10%**
  >10 (-3.0dB)
  Signal Cross-Talk     1.3% (-37.5dB)
    0.8% (-42.4dB)
  Loss Parameter   Loss Parameter   Loss Parameter
  AC Resistance Loss or “skin-effect loss” R* (ohms)     8 @18GHz     Type C and C/U
  AC Conductance Loss or “dielectric loss” G* (siemens)     18.85nS,
    420pS, frequency

*R = Rdc + Rac; G = Gdc + Gac
** When pins are configured in a signal/ground pattern.

Transpar Signal Module Spring Pin Specifications

Total Number of Pins:
  • Type A Modules: 146 ( 71 signal, 75 ground)
  • Type C Modules: 160 (parallel-wire transmission line)
  • Type A/U Modules: 162 ( 64 signal, 66 ground, 32utility)
  • Type C/U Modules: 162 (130 parallel-wire transmission line, 32 utility)
Spring Pin Travel: 0.120”
Spring Pin Tip Style: radius tip
Spring Pin Force per Side: 2 ounces

Spring Pin Force per Module:
  • A Modules: 18.25lbs ( 146 spring pins)
  • C Modules: 20.00lbs (160 spring pins)
  • A/U and C/U Modules: 20.25lbs (162 spring pins)
Current Rating per Pin: 3 amps

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