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Transpar Power and Signal Modules for the SOC Interface             < back to Centaur Modular Interface

  New Centaur SOC 440
  Components of the Centaur Modular Interface
  Centaur Top Loading Applications and Configurations
        Transpar Modules Overview | Transpar Modules Descriptions & Applications | Transpar Modules Specifications
  Centaur Bottom Loading Universal SOC Interface
        Example Applications of the Centaur SOC interface | Transpar Power and Signal Module Specifications
  Centaur Cabled Wafer Probing Interface


Transpar SOC Power module.  
Pin-end view of Transpar SOC Power module.  
The Centaur Universal SOC Interface features the new Transpar power transmission module, which relays power to the device under test (DUT).

SOC testers produce extremely fast current changes. With conventional power transmission modules, this high rate of current change causes a sag in power supply voltage, which in turn results in testing errors. The Centaur’s new Transpar power transmission module solves this problem.

The Transpar power transmission module’s special design limits inductance to phenomenally low levels: less than 300 picoHenries per power supply line over the entire round-trip through the interface.

There are nine separate power supply lines in each Transpar power transmission module. Each supply uses a force, return, and sense pins. These can be used individually for different power supply voltages, or they can be used in parallel to achieve less than 35 picoHenries total inductance at 240 amps capacity.

Transpar SOC Signal module.

Pin-end view of Transpar SOC Signal module.  
Transpar Signal Module

The Centaur Universal SOC Interface uses the new Transpar signal transmission module, which relays test signals to the device under test (DUT). Each module has 193 pins, which can be configured for up to 85 controlled-impedance pins (in a 5-pin signal/ground configuration). Pins are essentially user-defined, and are suitable for analog as well as digital instruments.

Transpar Load-Balancing Module

The Centaur Universal SOC Interface can also be fitted with electrically inactive load-balancing modules if the signal module pattern is asymmetrical. If a signal module is not installed (in one of the available signal module berths in the Centaur Modular Interface), then this load-balancing module is in place to ensure that compression loads are distributed evenly.

Specifications: Transpar Modules for the SOC Interface:

Electrical Parameter   Type U (Power)   Type C
 Number of pins per module   174
 Max compression force
  per module (lbs)
  22   25
 Characteristic impedance,
  Z0  (ohms)
  N/A   50 +5%**
 BandWIDTH, S21 (gigahertz)   N/A   >10 (-3.0dB)
 Return loss   N/A   -20dB @1GHz
 Max. contact resistance
  per probe and pad combo
 (two pads and one double-ended spring pin)
  3.5 milliohms per 9-pin group   50 milliohms
 Max. current per pin   3A continous   3A continous
 Max. inductance
  (9-pin group and common return)
  <310 pH   N/A
 Max voltage (@high current spec   3.5V   N/A

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