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New Centaur SOC 440
Components of the Centaur Modular Interface
  Centaur Top Loading Applications and Configurations
        Transpar Modules Overview | Transpar Modules Descriptions & Applications | Transpar Modules Specifications
  Centaur Bottom Loading Universal SOC Interface
        Example Applications of the Centaur SOC interface | Transpar Power and Signal Module Specifications
  Centaur Cabled Wafer Probing Interface


Plenty of Application Space on the Probe Card

The 11” diameter probe card is large enough to provide all the applications space you might need for additional components, vertical probe heads, and interposers.

The SOC interface can be configured with up to 26 modules. Two different types of Transpar module are available, an AC signal module and a high-performance power module.
  • The high-power SOC

  • The entry-level top loading SOC

  • The multi-site SOC.

Centaur SOC configured for high power multi-site testing with 16 Signal modules and 10 power modules.  
High-Power SOC Test

The High-Power SOC Test configuration uses a mix of 16 high-performance Transpar Signal Modules, and 10 Transpar Power Modules. This configuration is best suited to multi-site testing of SOC devices with very high power switching requirements, such as multi-core processors or standard microprocessors.

The power module provides an extremely low inductance path to the DUT, resulting in an extremely efficient use of the power supply, with significantly less power supply sag and heat. The 16 signal modules provide up to 1,360 controlled impedance paths, using a 5-wire pin arrangement.

SOC interface with inTEST docking and PIB retention assembly for the Teradyne Flex test system.  
Entry Level SOC Testing

The second configuration is a top-loading version of the Centaur SOC Interface. Populated with only 8 SOC signal modules, this unit provides 1,544 user-defined pins. The empty slots can be easily filled with Transpar modules to expand the capabilities of this interface as your test requirements grow.

High I/O, Multi-Site SOC Test

The third configuration (not shown) is an interface populated entirely with signal modules. This gives you the greatest possible flexibility in assigning instruments, since each module can be used to support controlled-impedance digital signals or analog instruments. This configuration allows up to 2,210 50-ohm signal pins or up to 5,018 user-defined pins.

Electrical Parameter   High Power Application   Entry-level Testing   High I/O Multi-DUT Testing
Number of Signal modules   16   8   26
Number of Power modules   10   0   0
Number of 50 OHM Signal pins available
(if all modules use 5-wire configuration)
  1,360   510   2,210
Number of user-defined pins available
(if all modules ‡ user-defined pins)
  3,088   1,544   5,018
Number of High power supplies supported   Up to 10   0

Outstanding performance, flexibility, and convenient size make the Centaur SOC Modular Interface an excellent value that will help lower your cost of test. Designed specifically for the Teradyne Flex, Agilent 93K, and Credence Sapphire test platforms, the Centaur SOC Interface fits neatly inside the tester-side pin pattern, so you eliminate the need for a costly blind and buried via PIB.

The Centaur SOC Modular Interface is designed for probers with automatic probe card changers, such as the SACC from Accretech, the BPCC from Electroglas, or the APCC from TEL. This bottom-loading configuration allows you to change the probe card fast, without undocking the test head from the prober. That saves you time and effort.

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