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New Centaur SOC 440
Components of the Centaur Modular Interface
  Centaur Top Loading Applications and Configurations
        Transpar Modules Overview | Transpar Modules Descriptions & Applications | Transpar Modules Specifications
  Centaur Bottom Loading Universal SOC Interface
        Example Applications of the Centaur SOC interface | Transpar Power and Signal Module Specifications
  Centaur Cabled Wafer Probing Interface


inTEST’s Centaur is a state-of-the-art, modular interface that delivers outstanding signal fidelity, customized test performance, and affordability.

Its unique mix of select, standardized components and flexible configuration options evolves over time to keep pace with your changing test requirements — and keeps you within budget.

– Transpar™ Signal Modules
– Probe Pin Ring (PPR)
– Vertical Hinged Lock-Down Assembly
– Probe Adapter Ring (PAR)
– Probe Card Tray
– Centaur Modular Interface

High performance Transpar signal module.

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Transpar™ Signal Modules

Transpar™ Signal Modules provide a state-of-the-art transmission line connecting the PIB and the probe card. The unique Transpar design delivers extraordinary signal fidelity, virtually eliminating frequency-dependent dielectric losses. The result? A Centaur interface that is practically transparent to your test signals.
  • The many Transpar versions include a coaxial airline design with controlled impedance path and a bandwidth extending beyond 18GHz.

  • Transpar Signal Modules are ideal for digital, analog, mixed signal, and power applications.

  • Robust spring pins ensure maximum availability.

  • Large labels allow easy module identification.

  • Keyed for quick, easy installation. Transpar Signal Modules can’t be installed incorrectly.


The Probe Pin Ring provides precise alignment of your Transpar modules to the probe card.

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Probe Pin Ring (PPR)

Probe Pin Ring (PPR) precisely aligns the Transpar Signal Modules’ probe pins with the rest of the Centaur interface. The PPR maintains an ideal interface height, minimizing transmission line length and assuring full compatibility with automatic probe stations. The PPR can be used for probers with automatic probe card changers (BPCC, SACC, APCC).

It can also be used for hand-test and package-test (mounted to PIB/HIB), and as a signal tower for top-loading interfaces. All rings are designed with standard RF mounting features to ensure precise alignment of the optional RF interconnect assembly, which can be custom designed to match your RF test application (for example, the addition of RF tuners, splitters, directional couplers, and load terminations).

Get even, repeatable compression with our vertical hinged lock-down assembly.

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Vertical Hinged Lock-Down Assembly

Vertical Hinged Lock-Down Assembly features both Positive Mechanical Compression™ and circumferential Locking™ to ensure even, repeatable tower compression for all Centaur configurations (7”, 10”, and 12” probe card diameters). The assembly’s gas springs give balanced lift for quick, easy probe card changeovers.

The ergonomic handle locks to prevent unwanted tower openings, and a convenient thumb lock holds the interface closed or open, as desired. Made of rugged, aircraft-quality stainless steel and aluminum components, the lock-down assembly fits standard Electroglas RC-14 ring carriers, so no probe adapter ring is required for EG probers configured with an RC-14 ring carrier.

Easily adapt your Centaur interface to any prober with our probe adapter rings.

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Probe Adapter Ring (PAR)

Probe Adapter Ring (PAR)
precisely fits the Hinged Lock-Down Assembly to Accretech (TSK) and TEL automatic probers. This precision-machined ring’s mounting features allow quick installation in all prober types, and exactly aligns the interface to the prober’s head plate/head stage. Two PARs are available:
  • Accretech (TSK) prober head plate adapter, for UF200 and UF300 systems’ standard plate openings.

  • TEL adapter, for standard openings on the P8 and P12 families.

One-piece tray provides a robust, flat reference surface for your probe card.

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Probe Card Tray

Probe Card Tray is a one-piece, stainless steel plate that holds the probe card PCB and supports the Probe Pin Ring to minimize probe card flex. An insulating shim electrically isolates the tray from the probe card.

The Probe Card Tray has oversized thumbholes for easy probe card installation and removal, and precision-machined alignment pins for fast, repeatable placement of the probe card. Available for 7”, 10”, and 12” probe cards.

Centaur interface assembly shown with 8 signal modules.

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Centaur Modular Interface

Centaur Modular Interface
fully configured for 10” probe card, partially populated with 8 signal modules and four (inactive) load-balancing modules.

(Unit is shown with 540 high-performance sig/gnd pairs and 128 utility pins).

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