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New Centaur SOC 440
Components of the Centaur Modular Interface
  Centaur Top Loading Applications and Configurations
        Transpar Modules Overview | Transpar Modules Descriptions & Applications | Transpar Modules Specifications
  Centaur Bottom Loading Universal SOC Interface
        Example Applications of the Centaur SOC interface | Transpar Power and Signal Module Specifications
  Centaur Cabled Wafer Probing Interface


SOC interface is compatible with modern probe card loading systems.  
Centaur Bottom Loading Universal SOC Interface™ is used in the testing of the SOC (System on a Chip) devices prevalent in today’s computer, communications, and consumer markets.

This unique design is preferred for use with probers that are equipped with automatic probe card changing systems.

Advanced Geometry Reduces Your Test Costs

The signal modules in a conventional interface are arranged in a radial pattern. While this works fine for most testers, this standard radial pattern is not an ideal match with the special rectangular format used in SOC testers, such as the Agilent 93000, the Teradyne FLEX family, and the Credence Sapphire.

Until now, this format mismatch forced you to turn to a very costly solution: using a “Blind and Buried Via PIB” instead of a regular PIB to make the connection between the interface and your SOC tester.

You no longer have to take this costly step. In most applications, the new Centaur Universal SOC Interface gets rid of this expensive Blind and Buried Via PIB. The Centaur’s Transpar™ signal modules have been re-oriented for compatibility with the SOC testers’ rectangular format, allowing the use of a far less expensive, regular PIB during testing.

Flexibility Makes Your Test Floor More Efficient

You will especially like the fact that this one interface works with such a broad range of SOC testers. On most test floors, you’ll be able to use one probe card design for all your SOC testers. That’s important, because it simplifies test floor activity – and that increases productivity.

Modularity Lowers Your Acquisition and Upgrade Costs

The Centaur’s Universal SOC Interface’s modular format makes the interface less expensive to acquire, because you buy only the capability you need at the time of purchase. As your needs change, you can economically upgrade the Centaur interface in modular steps, to keep pace with your evolving tester configurations and capabilities.

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