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Plug Compatibility

Mix plate allows a single plate to be used with multiple test heads by simply changing gussets.  
Plug-Compatible™ Technology

Our Plug-Compatible docking technology is used by most major semiconductor manufacturers, with over 5,000 designs installed on test floors around the world. We have designs for over 175 different test head models, and hardware for over 30 different wafer probers and 300 handlers.

The unparalleled breadth of this product line illustrates the wide industry acceptance of our equipment. You can depend on inTEST as a leading provider of high quality hardware for the semiconductor test floor.

What Is Plug-Compatible™ Technology?

The term “Plug-Compatible” means our fixed docking products can quickly dock a remarkably wide variety of test equipment brands (testers, test heads) to a very wide variety of wafer probers or package handlers, with only a simple change to the interface board or tower.

That makes life a lot easier on the typical semiconductor test floor, with its numerous different types of testers, wafer probers, and package handlers. Plug Compatible technology lets you quickly mix and match tester-prober or tester-handler combinations to achieve the simplest, fastest, most efficient usage for your test floor.

Here’s An Example

Suppose your test floor has two testers, let’s say a Teradyne J750 and a Teradyne Catalyst system, along with TSK UF200 probers, and Delta Flex handlers. inTEST can provide docking systems that let you quickly dock both your tester types to all your handlers and probers – without changing docking hardware!

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