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Docking Gusset Assemblies

The Docking Gusset Assembly (DGA) is the piece that mounts to your handler or prober. It normally consists of a plate to which the docking gusset bars and coarse alignment pins are attached.

The docking gusset bars are made of aluminum to the exact height required to space your test head the proper distance from your handler or prober. They have precision receptacles for receiving the guide pins on the Docking Assembly (DA), and cam followers that engage the docking cams on the DA.

There are two types of DGA assemblies:

inTest 4-point docking gusset assembly for the Teradyne Flex system.  
inTest 3-point docking gusset assembly for the Teradyne Tiger system.  
1. Standard DGA.

The standard DGA is mounted to your peripheral using mounting screws. The docking gussets are mounted to the plate with screws. The calibration fixture is then used to calibrate the gusset bshings relative to the interface means. These gussets are not fixed to the gusset plate with dowel pins.

Since the calibration bars for these types of DGAs align the gusset bushings to the interface means, you often don’t have to precisely locate or calibrate the gusset plate.

As with the guide pins on the DA, when the screws securing the DGA to the handler or prober are loosened, you can move the DGA in the X and Y directions for exact positioning.

Docking gussets are precision-pinned to the gusset plate for repeatable alignment and quick changeover  



Mix plate allows a single plate to be used with multiple test heads by simply changing gussets  
Docking gusset and coarse alignment pin detail, showing plate cutout for a short Z-stack requirement  
2. Mix-Plate DGA (DGAM).

The mix-plate DGA is used when you “mix” different docking families on the same gusset plate.

In this case, the docking gussets are precisely located (relative to the gusset plate) with dowel pins.

The gusset plate is the piece that is calibrated to the interface means. It has precision guide pin bushings that accept the pins from the calibration bar during the calibration process. The calibration bars for DGAMs then do not calibrate the gussets (the gussets are pinned to the plate), but rather calibrate the plate to the interface means (handler or prober).

This illustration shows a typical docking gusset assembly and shows how it aligns to your docking assembly.
Docking Gusset Assembly(top) and Docking Assembly (bottom).

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