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Adjustable Docking

Adjustable docking is available in various sizes to fit your test head.  
Convenient hand wheel allows quick, lockable adjustment of Z-stack.  
Integrated alignment pin and cam follower mate with linear cams for smooth docking.  

Adjustable docking systems connect your test heads to a variety of different prober and handler configurations.

The high accuracy and robust design of inTEST adjustables ensure that your expensive test equipment and sensitive electronic interfaces are not damaged during docking.

Significantly Faster Than Competitors’ Adjustables.

inTEST Tester-Side Adjustable Docking lets you quickly adjust docking right on your tester, to fit virtually any prober or handler. Why slow down your test floor? Run at inTEST speed!
  • Fast, Simple Adjustment.
    To set a new Z-Stack height, you simply turn a wheel. Its pre-set adjustment detents make fast, accurate settings a snap

  • No More Tinkering.
    Say good-bye to the time-wasting, back-and-forth planarity corrections required by competitive adjustables. Synchronous Docking moves the whole docking assembly as a unit, automatically maintaining planarity over the entire adjustment range. Adjust the wheel to your Z-Stack height and you’re done.

  • Rock-Solid Settings.
    Special plate firmly locks Z-Stack setting until you decide to make a change. Unlike other adjustables, you can’t wander into misalignment with inTEST.

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